Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Description of the Party Room

Look at the picture up there. There are one, two, three, four, five people in it, and none of those people are me or my roommate. Also, none of the objects on the floor are mine or my rooommate's. Let's look at what's happening in this lively room. The lone boy is watching The Big Lebowski, and the girls are surfing the internet or studying. But what are all of the cooking supplies doing on my brand new Ikea rug? That would be a friend (not pictured) making pancakes and chocolate cupcakes on my floor. As for the, um, decorations by the disco ball, let me just say that it is better not to know. My room is constantly inhabited by at least 2 people besides my roommate and I, and it is very normal to have up to 8 people (and their various accoutrements) in here for hours and hours at a time.

How did this happen to me? How are all of these people and their things in my room, now and forever and always? Simply because my roommate Alli and I are both outgoing, people-loving persons. When we were naive freshmen at the beginning of the year, we designated our room as the "hang-out room", little knowing that we were signing up to live polygamously with our entire hall instead monogamously with each other. A time rarely comes when Alli and I are alone together in our room. Yet this is not necessarily a bad thing - it only becomes a problem when these lovely people become a little too comfortable in my room, and start to believe that they truly do live in Winn 323 instead of their own rooms. This blog will describe how to live peaceably with more people than you bargained for, and the various hijinks and adventures along the way.

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