Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Negative Number One

One of the most unfortunate aspects of living in the party room is the issue of sleeping. For some inexplicable reason, my friends do not understand the concept of leaving my room late at night when I want to sleep. For instance, I will ask everyone to leave at, say, 1 a.m., yet no one will make any indication that they are leaving. Hmm. So, I will ask again. Nope, nothing happens. Now my roommate, Alli, gets in on the action. "Hey guys, Faith has asked you to leave. We want to go to bed now." Instead of leaving, people start complaining that they don't want to leave; that their rooms are boring, etc. Excuse me, but I want to go to sleep! Eventually, about an hour after I originally started kicking them out, my friends leave.

Ugh. How can this bad situation be fixed? Last semester my roommate and I weren't sure of the answer to this, and, as a result, got much less sleep than is necessary to function properly. We were a cranky pair of girls. But this semester Alli and I decided to be, as we term it, "hardcore". This means that we will not stop at anything when it comes to making people leave, even if that means physically dragging them out of the room. We've had some people get angry at us for not being "consistent", but, it worked. Being hardcore is no fun, as it means being seen as the boring mom-types. However, our friends have started leaving when we kick them out. Some people even leave immediately. Whoa!

Thus, a word of advice to those with clingy, late-leaving friends: hardcore is the only way to go. Don't try being nice, it doesn't work. Sometimes people need a firm hand.

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