Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Resolution

(Above you see a group of girls assembled in the Party Room to watch the A&E Pride and Prejudice (i.e. the 6 hour one).)

This semester has heralded some pretty major changes in the Party Room. Last semester Winn 323 was the hang-out room on my hall, with no other room on the hall available for socializing when Alli and I decided to shut our doors. In fact, we both went home one weekend, and our friends were reduced to hanging out in the kitchen and study lounge. This was the main reason we had so many troubles with people never leaving. However, this semester my friend group has discovered another room in which to spend their time. Now the Party Room is used mainly at night, after dinner. Alex and Chinnawat's room is used during most days (since Alli and I both work MWF afternoons), when the boys want to play their computer games, and when Alli and I decide to go to bed at the unmentionably early hour of 2. When even Alex's room is unavailable, there's always the possibility of Sarah not feeling much like sleep and inviting the group to her room.

With this new development, Alli and I find that we kind of like having an empty room sometimes. Occasionally it can be relaxing to simply be quiet and bond as roommates. Of course this doesn't mean that we never have people in our room; indeed, it is quite rare for either of us to be in the room without the door open and at least two other people in the room. However, it is nice to have smaller groups in our room, or even no one at all. We get desperately lonely if we go too long without anyone in the room, but we do appreciate the occasional respite from huge amounts of people constantly in our room. Yet we are still the Party Room, and love being the party people.

Viva la Party Room!

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